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A 21st century approach to decarbonisation

  • “Sure, sustainability goals are great…“
  • “But I’m just a small business owner. Does it matter?“
  • “I hear that we are in a climate crisis. It’s not that I don’t care about the planet...“
  • “I want to be a part of the solution but I don’t have the bandwidth to act on it“

Everyone is referring to companies going “Net Zero”, but how do I know what my carbon footprint is? Should I be part of this “Net Zero” plan?

YES. And here’s why—

  • In June 2021, we hit the highest concentration of atmospheric carbon dioxide (CO2) in 14 million years.

  • Experts believe that we would be lucky to dodge a “mass extinction event” 30 years from now.

  • Solutions to this are so important that it is believed “The world’s first trillionaire will be made in climate change.

We need to get started with sustainability reporting, but it’s just so overwhelming.

“Where do I even begin?”

“The more I read about carbon emission scopes, the less I understand!”

“It’s an alphabet soup with all kinds of terms, how do I wrap my head around it?”

“Hang on - are we still needing to comb through paper documents to manually input data on Excel?”

“Not all of us can afford a team of consultants to help us produce a sustainability report every year...”

If it’s so important to the world,

Why haven’t we built something better?

    About Unravel

    Unravel enables companies to assess their carbon footprint by tracking their digital financial footprint with its proprietary carbon emission factor model; making it easy, fast and convenient to become climate positive.

    We aim to accelerate the participation of all companies, big and small, in the global fight against climate change. And we want to do it the 21st century way—autonomous, painless, and beautiful.

    Unravel consists of a team of software engineers, data scientists, founders and climate experts with a passion to solve the world’s most pressing issue—climate change.

    Collectively, our leadership team has launched and invested in multiple companies, and are now combining their experience and knowledge here at Unravel.

    Unravel your carbon footprint

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    Measure your company’s carbon footprint quickly and effortlessly

    Our proprietary carbon emission factor model generates your carbon footprint in a few seconds by following your digital spend.

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    Manage your emissions over time across the value chain

    Subscribe to view your monthly footprint in real time with granular data, industry benchmarking, and carbon offset recommendations—all within your personalised dashboard.

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    Build a carbon reduction plan

    Use our curated partnerships to reduce, replace or offset carbon to get to Net Zero!

    Quotes & Testimonials

    The main goal of our organisation regarding sustainability over the past 2 years has been pushed onto us by our customers

    James Lengel

    Head of Sustainability, LF Logistics

    We have seen a huge tsunami of interest from clients of all shapes and sizes, whether they are institutional clients, US, Europe or retail clients, they are allocating more capital towards this (ESG, climate, diversity & inclusion) space.

    Emily Chew

    Global Head of Sustainability for Investment Management, Morgan Stanley

    Unravel offers clarity through technology. Its mission to bring along startups, SMEs alongside the big boys ensure that no one is left behind


    Chief Technology Manager